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The View from the Looney Bin!
BTW, until and unless LJ allows an opt-out AT THE JOURNAL LEVEL for their latest stupidity, this journal will not only remain friends only, but all comments are now disabled here. If you feel you have to unfriend me because of that, so be it. Commenting over there is a piece of cake.

BTW, I know that none of you would deliberately do it -- but I also know how wonky laptop touch pads can be. Accidents happen.

ETA: Today (21 Sep 2010) they announced their "fix." In case you didn't notice this

We've disabled the ability to cross-post comments on privacy-protected entries and screened comments for non-Cyrillic users. If you've opted into Cyrillic services, you'll still be able to cross-post protected and screened comments.

This doesn't fix anything. Continuing to allow Cryllic Users to cross-post comments on protected entries doesn't close the privacy/security hole.

ETA-2: And now (23 September) they've got a new bug. More than one person on my friends list has had ALL of their locked entries made unlocked. If it was filtered; it's gonna disappear.

ETA-3: And now (10 June) -- if you (or any community that you post in OR any journal that you post in) has IP address logging turned on, it will also quite cheerfully also post your city and state. How nice. They say that they got the message and will be turning it off. There's only 10 pages of complaints about it too. I'm wondering why they never got the message about Facebook crossposting? We maxed out more than one post about it! We'll also see just how well they actually get rid of that feature!

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